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Instead, I’m staying home today…

24 Oct



Dead curly willow branch

Aurelian lily (gone to seed)

Aspidistra leaves


Upright arrangements are always challenging since they require the ikebana-ist to make their own special crossbar braces inside of the vase out of fresh branches in order to help arrange and hold the materials.

(Next time, I’ll take a picture of  what that looks like since I forgot this morning.  In this arrangement I used trimmed branches from a Japanese snowbell tree. Always keep it fresh and natural with Ikebana—no floral foam. We only use kenzen, special pruning techniques, and little crossbars made of sticks.)IMG_4252The Hydrangeas came from my mom’s garden. She has at least 40 bushes so it was easy for her to spare a few.

IMG_4251 IMG_4249Lastly, I had to share an autumn view of what our family lovingly calls “The Lion King Tree”. Yes, we know it is a Japanese maple but when my eldest niece was a child she insisted it looked like a tree on the African savannah. So now that’s what we call it.

I suppose looking at nature differently runs in my family.

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